Cyclomaniacs 2 Walkthrough Game

Past the Starting Line: a Guide to CycloManiacs 2!

In CycloManiacs 2 it is all about pedal power - and when it is you up against seven other wacky bicycle riders, it will take all your skills and bike-tricks to make it to the goal line first, this tips and tricks walkthrough will be your guide!

Of course, winning races is not easy when you are starting out with an un-upgraded racer, and because of that it may be all too common for you to be stuck on the lower ranking positions when you reach the checkered flag. Worry not however, as we have compiled a helpful guide for first time players of CycloManiacs 2.

Control the Bike, Control the Outcome

The best things we love about CycloManiacs are the controls. Easy to learn, very responsive and quite intuitive, the bike controls are the key to gaining that leader's position. But is it not all about how to control the, but rather, how you apply the various in certain parts of the race that actually matters.

Speed: This is controlled by pressing up or down on the cursor keys or W and S on the keyboard. Speeding up lets you go at the fastest rate you can and speeding down slows you to the point of running in reverse (and yes, there are key races that will require you move both backwards and forwards). The one thing players should remember is that when you are in boost mode, staying in the air will slow you down - which means that when you get off a ramp at high speed, the air time you get sacrifices your pace. If you do not need the air for tricks, then best slow down a little when you leap in order to get back on the ground as fast as you can.

Pitch: This is controlled by pressing forward or back on the cursor keys and D and A on the keyboard. Pitching your front wheel controls the tricks and also, how level you bike is to the ground. Tricks will be explained below, as for keeping your wheels level: there is a certain amount of speed and time lost when you suddenly scale steep ramps or land on inclines, in these cases, it is best to pitch your wheels in such as way that your bike aligns to the ground which you will be scaling -popping a wheelie right before a steep climb will prep your bike for the sudden change of direction and give you the lowest loss of speed.

Jump: This is controlled by pressing X or the spacebar on the keyboard. Jumps keep you off the ground for a very limited period of time. The faster you are, the longer and higher your Jump can be. Remember, the pitch of your bike determines your jump. If you are pitched up steeply, jumping will push you off the ledge -so be careful when you actually press the jump button. If timed correctly before the edge of a ramp, your jump will be very elevated, giving you more time to do consecutive tricks. Also, instead of scaling small bumps on the road manually, you can make a quick hop over them and lose less speed.

Bike Tricks and Boost: There are a total of 6 different bike tricks available in the game. Performing a trick will increase your trick bar which when filled up, will provide you with one boost gauge. If you fill up your trick bar before the boost gauge depletes, you will get a +1 boost multiplier. Make your gauge reach all the way past x10 to gain the maximum boosting speed. If you get in an accident and are sent back to the start line or a checkpoint, you will lose one boost multiplier.

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Front and Back Wheelies are performed by raising either your back or front wheels when you are on the ground (leaving one wheel in contact with the ground). Sustain the wheels in that position and you will get a wheelie stunt bonus.

Front and Back Rolls can be performed when you are mid air. If you are high enough, you can turn clockwise or counterclockwise in a full 360, do so and you will win the roll stunt bonus -just be sure that you have plenty of air-time to put your bike position back to normal so that you will not crash when you land.

Tick Tacks are done when pitch your front wheel up and down when midair. Do it several times in a row to maximize the bonus - performing this trick requires more air time than the roll, so perform it after a pretty high jump. Also, you can connect a tick tack to the end of a full roll or invert. The game will award you several stunt bonuses if you perform the tricks consecutively.

Inverts are done when you have more than enough time mid-air. Do this only when you are sure you have a long way to go before landing. To do this, simply roll all the way until your wheels are above and your head is below. Leave it in that position before rolling back to a safe landing position. After rolling back, the game will give you an invert bonus.

Which Objective First?

More often than not, a course will provide you with two objectives to fulfill. One usually consists of a specific race position that you need to finish with (usually around 4th or 3rd place) while the other requires you to accomplish a certain number of feats throughout the races (such as perform a certain number of front rolls, inverts, etc).

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Usually, trying to do both -struggling to gain a high race position, while trying to do the tricks can be hard on some players;this is why it is often strategic to simply do a course twice or even up to three times. The first time is usually best spent performing the tricks and stunts required. The second is for when you are more familiar with the course and have to finish with a certain rank. In some rare cases, repeating a stage three times helps - with the first run simply focusing on getting the player acquainted with the layout of the track.

Upgrades and Earning

When you start the Cyclomaniacs 2 game, you only get a very small amount of money -nothing for a significant upgrade. Our suggestion is that before you jump into your first game, check out the secrets section of this guide and get the money stashed in the upgrade room. Afterwards, use the cash to play some of the minigames -unlocking new cyclists will earn you a bit of cash -which you can use to fund the initial upgrades you will need.

cyclomaniacs 2 upgrade

Our suggestion in this Cyclomaniacs 2 walkthrough is to invest in speed, acceleration, spin and boost -as these factors help best when it comes to getting good positions in races and performing more stunts when mid-air. Jump is a good investment, but only after you already have good stats elsewhere. Also, unlocking new riders gives you access to special bikes and their abilities. All of these of couse, will grant you a bit of an edge when you try the first few stages. Of course, do note that the game seems to scale the skill and speed of opponents to match that of your rider -making each match always exciting.

Mini Game Locations

cyclomaniacs 2 lobby

Aside from the races themselves, CycloManiacs 2 has a wide array of minigames for you to play with. They all play like smaller flash games and contribute a lot to the game's longevity by providing players with other modes to try out when they tire of the racing events. To access the minigames, you simply have to find them hidden in the intermission lobby and the upgrade room.

Pizzaroids: This game plays a lot like Asteroids and places you in control of a creature being attacked by pizza. Shoot the pizza, its slices and the tiny morsels that it splits into to earn points. Also, watch out for the character in a spaceship whizzing by, shooting it down gets plenty of points too. Win 15,000 points or higher to unlock a new cycler named Haddock.

cyclomaniacs 2 pizzaroids

To open Pizzaroids:

  • Click the wall outlet behind the TV.
  • Click on the TV cabinet to open it.
  • Click on the console to play the game.

Fishibishi: This game is all about eating the smaller fishes and avoiding the big ones. Not that hard, just be careful when the sharks start to appear. Remember, as long as a fish is smaller than you, you can eat it. Earn 5,000 points here and you will unlock the Boff.

To play Fishibishi, simply click on the fish bowl near the left side of the window.

Cat Flapper: This game lets you control the intermission room cat as it goes into freefall. Points are earned for the time you spend in the game. The game ends if you let the cat fall too fast, or let it be stuck on a platform. To slow down the cat's descent, press the mouse button to make it flap its arms and slow it down -be careful, slow it down too much and it will go up the screen. Also slowing down the cat consumes energy. Regain more energy by eating the birds that fly by. Score 1,200 points in the game to unlock Pop Jim.

cyclomaniacs 2 catflap

To play Cat Flapper, simply press the button on the platform on the left side of Elvis.

Lava Palava: In this game, you control a small ball avoiding bubbles flying on the screen. You can collects the stars that pop out but you need to avoid everything else. This is actually a pretty easy minigame and simply requires the use of the mouse. Earn 4,500 points here to unlock Masta Flava.

cyclomaniacs 2 lava

To play Lava Palava, simply click on the Lava Lamp beside the inventory cabinet.

Ninja Brain Training: This is one of the more difficult minigames, to play, you must first memorize the initial image shown to you. Afterwards, you will be shown different images: some similar, others different. You must identify which images are the same and which ones are different. This game is made difficult by its time limit. If you manage to score 1,000 points here, you will unlock the Prof.

To play this game, you must first go to the upgrade room and perform these tasks:

  • Press the power switch on left. It is the one above the barrels.
  • Press top middle on the buttons on the upper right of screen behind the biker
  • On the same console, press the lower middle button.
  • Click on the screen mounted on the brain tank

Other Hidden Content

  • Lobby: 9 BallFollow the 9 shape with the mouse cursor in fast, smooth motion. This will unlock the 9-ball biker.
  • Lobby: Change Elvis' HairPress the blue button on the chair of Elvis to change his hairstyle.
  • Upgrade Room: Hidden StashClick the cabinet doors (the one the chemicals on top) twice to unlock some cash
  • Upgrade Room: Explosive Barrel EventClick on the explosive barrel several time to unlock a mini-event

Collecting all the Ice Cream Tokens

There are a total of 12 ice cream cone tokens spread throughout the tracks of Ninja World, and it is up to you to collect them all. Here is a quick checklist of the locations of all the cones in the tracks.

  • Craggy Peaks: at the last ramp, don't go straight, fall down and pedal backwards.
  • Craters: On the super large jump, go straight up above the clouds.
  • Drain: Midway through the track, jump off the platform.
  • Meadowlane: pedal backwards from the starting line.
  • Pirate Ship: On the second ship, check the rightmost edge of the ship.
  • Rainbow Meadows: found on the left side of the second pond.
  • The Well: Don't drop in, instead, jump to the other side.
  • The Sun: when in the middle area, wait for the second large gap on the floor.
  • The Dunes: pedal back from the start line and go over the hill.
  • Vapour Trail: After the start, don't jump and fall down instead.
  • Whale: Behind the Whale, head for the topmost platform.
  • Zombooka: hit all the zombies on the second platform, it is behind one of them.

We hope this walkthrough proved useful to you and the tips and tricks we offered help improve your racing against all the maniac riders. Now you have the knowledge to conquer the game, why not try applying it now, play CycloManiacs 2.

Cyclomaniacs 2 Walkthrough