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Wacky Racers Returns!

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Pedal to Victory with the CycloManiacs!

Featuring all new tracks, more inventive races and a whole cast of unlikely bikers that will make you want to see all the tricks they can do, CycloManiacs 2 game is the ultimate in side scrolling bike action - and we are not kidding around.

The game starts off pretty tame, providing you with an Elvis impersonator propped up on a basic bicycle setup; it is going to take plenty of practice and a few retries before new players manage to get first place in the very first race. Thankfully, the game only requires you to get a 4th place ranking, making it easier to earn the stage reward. Do so and you can progress to the rest of Ninja World.

Welcome to Ninja World

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At this point, you are probably wondering: "what on earth are you talking about?". CycloManiacs is a simple, easy to play, 2D Flash racing game featuring an assortment of bikers. The game rewards players for finishing courses fast and for performing bike stunts. In between in race, you have the option to upgrade your basic specs in order to perform better. Aside from that, finishing certain races and meeting certain requirements will unlock a vast array of secrets ranging from new courses, more players and even unlocking mini games.

Speaking of secrets, this game has plenty of Easter eggs6. Almost each race track has a hidden ice cream collectible and the intermission lobby has plenty of hidden mini-games and freebies for you as well.

Ninja World, is actually the name of the giant compound that hosts all the tracks for the CycloManiacs races, there are over 25 different tracks and each with their own unique requirements for finishing the race. Others simply require you to reach the finish line ahead of the competition, others such as the Half-Pipe will require you to finish 30 stunts before you are able to reach the end goal. There are some that have a set time limit within which you must finish the course. It is challenging, fun and ultimately quite addictive. Ninja World's varied courses and gameplay features will keep players coming back for more bike racing rounds every single time.

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Android or iPhone Version?

Currently there is no news of a possible Android version of the game or iPhone version.

We would however recommend a similar game for mobiles called "Happy Racing". Like Cyclomaniacs Happy Racing is a colourful and humourous multiplayer game with a variety of crazy characters.

happy racing for android

It features Ragdoll physics, many different vehicles to choose from and 140 plus levels to compete against others in.

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